Pan Facial Sculpting


Enhance your injection practices and creative abilities with this 8-hours advance Dermal Filler course by Aestra Institute. Take injectables to a new level with liquid lift techniques that focus on Pan facial volumizing rather than filling lines to create a more V list or heart shaped youthful face. Discover what happens to the central facial triangle with age.

Learn how to combine modalities simultaneously to diminish signs of aging. Didactic session in the am includes: Product rheology, anatomy 201, physiology, and science of each product. The afternoon is completed with hands-on injecting practical. 

Discover how to volumize the temples , brows, cheeks and mid-face structure, sculpt the jawline to minimize jowls, tear trough, enhance earlobes, inject hands for a more youthful appearance, and more. Neurotoxins for lower face are used to slim and narrow the jawline. 

This advanced course is an extension of its prerequisite (Intro to Dermal Fillers) and it is expected that attendees have an understanding of the fundamental properties of the technique. Attendees must have at least 6 months of experience with fillers and be adept in Hyaluronic acid fillers. The Bio-stimulating fillers likeRadiesse are being used to enhance the volume in this course. 

Price includes live models and course supplies!


Course Agenda

  • Several techniques for lip injections/ perfect the lips
  • Learn micro-cannula technique
  • Perfect the midface lifting with volumizing fillers like radiesse, voluma, or resylane lyft
  • Tear trough and hand augmentation
  • Achieve skills for jawline augmentation including neurotoxin techniques 
  • Facial anatomy in relation to midface super periostium placement of fillers
  • Product rheology product comparisons to enhance skin lifting
  • Learn how to effectively layer products to get a better lift
  • Complications of advance techniques
  • Clinical studies reviewed
  • Live patient assessment, diagnosing, and delivery of all products
  • Business, product fee structures and ROI success
  • Observing live patients and injecting at least 2-3 models per attendee
  • All consents & treatment record provided to incorporate into your practice
  • One-on-one mentored instruction with our expert instructors

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