Sexual Dysfunction Male and Female


Sexual Dysfunction has become extremely popular by aesthic providers because of the extreme demand for effective treatment options. Sexual dysfunctionis not only a common condition suffered by males and females alike, but is also an exciting new specialty for aesthetic providers to integrate into their aesthetic practice as a result of the effective, yet non invasive new treatment options available for patients. With such a high demand for treatment offering Sexual Dysfunction Treatments to your patients becomes a real option for aesthetic providers looking to add a new revenue stream to their practice.

This course the use of Platelete-Rich-Plastma (PRP ). PRP for sexual wellness is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that uses a patient’s own blood platelets that rejuvenate the female and male system, allowing more blood to flow to the organ, enhancing sensitivity and delivering a dramatic improvement in sexual function. The use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which contains blood-derived growth factors, is a natural treatment for vaginal atrophy/dryness, urinary incontinence, and erectile dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction affects more than 18 million American men; with some estimates projecting that by 2025 the worldwide prevalence will approach 322 million. Evidence-based research has identified many options for treating ED.

The prevalence of female sexual dysfunction is a disease encompassing sexual desire, arousal disorders, and sexual pain disorders is a complex and important clinical issue. In the National Health and Social Life Survey, 43% of women reported some degree of sexual difficulty.

Course Highlights

-Adequately recognize the Female and Male Anatomy of the areas for injection
-Understand physiology, epidemiology, risk factors, phychosocial impact of the male and female sexual dysfunction.
-Identify patient selection and management of patient expectations
-Learn the latest clinical approaches with Platelete-Rich Plasma
-Business aspects of marketing and fee structures
-Paperwork to include consent forms and procedure notes
-Hands on injections of patients

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